2021, Interactive game installation

Photo: Lyudmila Zinchenko

‘Crowd Sign’ interprets the mechanisms of authoritarianism. The viewer becomes the controller of a virtual crowd in real time. An order in the form of a clear graphic symbol is sent to a semi-organized thousand-headed image. But the creatures living on the far side of the screen never follow orders in strict compliance. Due to the complexity of the communication system, the sent signal undergoes alteration, reminding us that power cannot be unlimited.

The viewer is invited to draw a sign on the touchpad. The humanoid creatures appearing on the screen will line up in the drawn figures.

Photo: Lyudmila Zinchenko

Crowd Sign: Emission on Steam:

 During the Art for the Future Biennale at the MAMM Museum (Moscow), big data of the symbols entered by the audience was collected. The result has an anonymized set of information that was subjected to research: clustering, grouping with the allocation of the main features. Then were created a visual charts. These charts seems extremely interesting: