2022, game


The Game:

  • Unlocks the essence of the world’s objects.
  • Describes the amazing nature of duality in nature
  • Points out the importance of the external and the need for the internal
  • Gives the transgression experience

Main conditions:

  • Time per round: 20 minutes
  • Number of players: 2-10
  • Location: home or room


  1. The players choose a leader and divide themselves into two groups: Inners and Outers. The leader then decides on an object and secretly writes on paper for the Inners group what the object has on the outside and for the Outers group what the object has on the inside.
  2. The aim of the game. With the questions the two groups try to guess first what the interior or exterior of the object is made of, and then which specific object the leader has riddled.
  3. So, the Outers group know the inner content of a thing, but the Inners group only know about its shell.
  4. The group that is first to name the whole object wins. It chooses a new Guide from among its members, and it’s done again!

Example of a single round:

The leader declares the object “sausage” and gives the Inners the word “plastic” and the Outers the word “meat”.

The Inners only know that the object is covered in plastic, and they need to find out the word “meat”. It’s all the same, but the opposite is true for the Outers – they know that the object is made up of meat, but they don’t know what’s on the outside.

Both the Outers and the Inners can only answer questions from groups with “yes” or only “no”.

Then the Outers ask, assuming it is an animal:

  • Is it a living object?

The Inners ones answer:

  • No.

Inners ones ask (they only know that the outside of the object is plastic)

  • Does it have air inside?

Outers ones:

  • No.

Does it have electronics inside? Is it a smartphone?

  • No.

And so on. The group that guesses the leader’s word first wins!