2015-2017, video installation, sketchfab models, 5 pieces

Women Artists narrate The Chevengur novel by russian writer Andrei Platonov

Phrase from videos: “From the mere appearance of life, whether in a blade of grass or in a girl, Kondaev would pass into a calm jealous savagery.  If it was a grass he would crush it in his merciless loving hands, feeling any living thing as cruelly and greedily as a woman’s virginity.”


Instant Porridge “Bystrov” at the Tate Modern, London, England :

Sturgeon Caviar mr.Osetroff classic, 100 g, Pink Salmon Caviar Makaroff, 140 g on The Mari oil refinery:

Eggplants, “Diamond” type, Nikolaev city, KIPARIS Co, 42km Kalujskoe shasse, Moscow:

“Derevenskoe” Eggs 1 class with “World Rice Basmati” Rice and “Tomatny” Red Bean on the U.S. Airbase, Okla.

“Green ray” Peas in the Pate Grand Mere at The Galleria Uffizi Florencja: