2020-2023, web project, porcelain casket

Since 2020 I document the decomposition of the book Round Table: The Present Conditions of Art Criticism (ISBN: 978-5-6041854-0-7). This book is a Russian translation of an article from October magazine (No. 100 Spring 2002)

Documentation of the rot is presented in the telegram channel https://t.me/artcritique

After daily monitoring of the book’s decomposition, an album of 1027 photographs was created, then the ruins of the book were encased in a porcelain coffin (created in collaboration with E. Panina) and the object assumed the significance of a relic. This symbolically formalized the transition of contemporary art from the modern phase, proclaimed and declared by October magazine (The book is a Russian translation of an article from this magazine) to the next period of contemporary art.

The clay sarcofage is provided with book:

3d model: