2019, Documentation of Performance . Moscow. Winzavod, Open! Exhibition.

Performance-reproduction of the communication of power and society, carefully simulates the culture and ideology of their relationship.
Active subjects:
The owner No. 1 is a protein chess player (present in the form of tv plasma and voice).
The owner No. 2 is a computer chess player (present in the form of an AI speaker).
Performer is a slave man in a VR headset and black underpants. is a space enclosed by a metal chain-link “Rabitsa” type,
The performer accepts teams for the production of chess moves alternately from two Masters. The VR-headset clearly symbolizes the perceptual “bookmark”, a technical project to replace the feelings of society. The work of the slave to move the figures is observable and proprioceptive-attractive.
Two projections. The first shows a view from Performer’s optics.
The second projection shows one of the 64 videos under each cell of the board. The video is selected on the basis of the current move during the Chess game of the Masters and depicts the main cultural codes of the Russians (cooking, fishing, psychics, sports, memes, thrash, youth, tourism, songs, dances, etc.)
The performance is shown once during the opening day, it is recorded and reproduced without changes on the following days. The viewer is able to enter the cell and inside the VR headset to view the entire simulation of power interaction again. Thus, anyone who wants to become a slave, and moreover, he is much more defenseless than a slave, as he is unable to predetermine anything, he is only an observer in someone else’s game. This feeling of the observer’s acute defenselessness in the cell is the main goal of the current work of art.

Authors: Mikhail Maksimov and a group of students: Aleksander Chistov, Alena Trushina, Ivan Evseev, Eugenia Demina Diana Kapizova, Cristina Kommisarova, Maria Rezvanova, Eugenia Eisner, Aleksey Sim, Natalya Fedorova;
chessplayer: Eugeny Mayzel, VR-prisoner: Ilya Lashenkov