2010, Interactive media installation. Rodchenko ArtSchool Exhibition

This is a collapsible design, an experimental checklist, a guide to the points of manifestation of images in the media universe.
These images, united by me on a formal basis, I press into a single space, laying between them an actively-concealing materiality video matrix. And I see how devices and programs are able to hide the reality, brought to the sign, like a blind mirror knocking in a dark space behind a wall of materiality.


Problematization of the concept of freedom in the hardware complex of the current photographic universe.
Raising photographic practice to the level of awareness, since it highlights the model for freedom in a post-industrial society.
Identification of the scope of programmed and programming devices.
Matching how devices and programs can hide reality, brought to an absurd symbol.
An indication of the radical nature of the fact of the invention of photography.
Demystification of materiality inherent in photography.

Three layers of manifestation:

An image is a media environment that technically hides an image — a technical image created and distributed by the device.

The need to learn how to read in the elements of the image representation.